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開一個project 例如: CoolUI



import CoolUI 後就可以使用裡面方法。

  1. Create framework

2. Add needed classes

3. Build Settings / Build Libraries for Distribution set YES

4. Build Settings / Skip Install set NO

5. Open termnial

6. cd and drag the folder with project



under iOS13

class viewModel: {    var reloadCount: Int = 0    //ViewModel send to View   => react the event
var reloadCollectionView: ( ()->() )?

//View call ViewModel => user touch the Buttom (event)
func onTapCellButton() {
reloadCount += 1 self. reloadCollectionView?()



It’s a true story. It happens by accident.

class VC1 :UIViewController() {  let viewModel = VC1ViewModel()  func callVC2(){     let vc2 = UIViewController()     vc2.onTap = { (value) in         self.viewModel.callMom()  }  deinit(){
print("VC1 dead")

So, When VC1 dismiss or popup. VC2 and viewModel still in alive.

It prints nothing.

Change callVC2 like this

func callVC2(){    let vc2 = UIViewController()    vc2.onTap = { [weak self] (value) in        self?.viewModel.callMom()}

When VC1 dismiss or popup, Your memory is free!!!




use Realm

let realm = try! Realm()

Make a Model

import Foundation

import RealmSwift

class LogData: Object{

@Persisted(primaryKey: true) var _id: ObjectId

@Persisted var date: String?

@Persisted dynamic var time: String?

convenience init(content: String){




func addNewLog(_ time:String,_ date:String) -> LogData{

let newLog = LogData()

newLog.time = time = date

return newLog


func save() {

let newLog = self.addNewLog(selectedTime, didSelectDate)

try! realm.write{







增刪改檔案後記得下 composer dump-autoload

### 顯示路由
php artisan route:list

### new 一個controller
php artisan make:controller ProductController

//做一個ProductController 包含基本的增刪修改
php artisan make:controller ProductController — resource

ps: Laravel8 用router 要在RouteServiceProvider 裡面增加變數 protected $namespace = ‘App\Http\Controllers’;

### new 一個table
//做一張表 members
php artisan make:migration create_members

##### Route Bug
-> php artisan serve 後連接有正常accept close,但是沒有畫面
-> 有重複的路徑 檢查Route 然後下 php artisan optimize 清掉cache



Big company has lots of ObjC code

/## Swift

class Person: NSObject {

var _name: String

init(name: String){

_name = name


function setName(name:String){

_name = name



run in playground



@interface Person : NSObject {

NSString* _name;


-(void)setName: (NSString*) name;

-(NSString*) name;


@Implementation Person

-(void)setName: (NSString * )name {

_name = name;


-(NSString*) name {

return _name;


Actually, run in Main.m

Person* p1 =[Person new];

[p1 setName:@”Dancer”];

NSLog(@”%ld”, [p1 age]);



Big company has lots of ObjC code

Swfit -> ObjC


var name:String = Mario


/## ObjC

@interface ViewController ()

@property (nonatomic, strong) NSString* userName;


@implementation ViewController

NSLog(@”%@”, self.userName);




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